Hogtide is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Hogtide Review

Cowboys can range from heroic figures fighting for liberation to gun-slingin’, down and dirty rapscallions who storm into town, get drunk, and steal young ladies. The cowboy in Hogtide is very much in the latter camp. However, it seems that personality had a quicker trigger finger than gameplay in this rush through the Wild West.

Hogtide is a simple high-score game where you’ll move between five lanes to avoid hitting obstacles on the road. In order to keep your hog running, you must run over beans. Picking up mistresses and moonshine awards you bonus points. Occasionally a sheriff hog will begin to ride in the lane next to you, switching lanes whenever you do. You’ll need to move yourself so that the sheriff runs into an obstacle.

Don’t drink and piggyback, kids.

With only one mode, Hogtide’s gameplay tires pretty quickly. After about 20 minutes with the game we were ready to move on. OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements do little to help keep you occupied.

Hogtide offers both swipe and tap controls, although neither option is great. Swipe controls aren’t very good because it takes longer for the hog to move between lanes. Tap controls are more efficient in moving the hog, but you have to constantly readjust your finger above and below the hog. This makes it slow to move more than one lane at a time.

Hogtide is a universal app, but we wouldn’t recommend playing it on an iPad. The graphics don’t look so hot upscaled, and the controls are even clumsier on the larger screen. This said, having the option to play it on any iOS device you own isn’t something to complain about.

We hope the developers of Hogtide make some adjustments so that this game is more enjoyable. It has the personality down, so all that’s left is to improve the gameplay. For now, saddle up and move on out of this ghost town.