HiWord Lite

~ 5000 words supported (86,800 words supported in full version)
~ 19 levels
~ use word frequency for score, –the unique and only game in AppStore
~ straightforward, challenging and easy to play
~ can query frequency of any given word quickly
~ list of 100 most popular words, and list of 100 least popular words
~ list of player’s 100 most popular words, and list of player’s 100 least popular words
~ online explanation
~ iPhone version already got 4 stars, and enhancements are made in this version based on customer reviews
~ OpenFeint leader board and achievement support

Are you a vocabulary guru? Try this.

Use given characters to form word.
Your score will be the position of the word in word frequency list. That is, you’ll score 7 for word “that”, and 1000 for word “james”.

The rarer the word, the higher the score.

For each game, there are at least two possible words, with one has higher score.

Just by one tap, the explanation of the word is shown to you (need Internet access).

The least length of word is 4 (there’re too much abbreviation words with 2 or 3 characters), and this limit will increase when you get level-up.

Have fun.

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