Hit the Head

From the creators of Prison Run, comes an all new game where heads are sure to roll!!

Introducing “Hit the Head” – the insanely fun and addicting game where your mission is to launch a head (yes – as in a person’s head) as far as you possibly can.

But it’s not as easy as it seems! Miss the max on the power meter or fail to time the release of the spring loaded boxing glove perfectly and your head will flop to the ground. Get it just right though, and watch it fly!!


– Fully customizable heads – create the head of your choosing
– Upgrade Pack includes pre-made and themed heads and accessories
– Fun and Unique power ups such as wind gusts
– Stunning 3D graphics!
– Game Center – leaderboards and achievements
– Universal app works in iPad, iPod, and iPhone
– Free updates!

How far can you Hit the Head??

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