Hit The Deck

“Hit The Deck” is an addictive and extremely challenging game for those who love to play games on iPhone or iPod. It is a physics based game .The goal of the game as the name suggest is to balance the ball on the deck to clear the level. But mind you, it is not easy as you think! There are 18 completely entertaining levels, which you are going to play in the game. Each level has various hurdles from which you have to save your ball and perfectly landed it on the deck. There are some useful objects which helps you to land the ball on the deck. The ball should remain in contact with the deck for 10 seconds to clear the level. Initially you have only 1 level unlocked and the rest are locked. You can unlock the next level by clearing the previous level.

Features -:
1. Share your score on Facebook and twitter
2. Exciting physics based levels
3. Jungle based theme, attractive design

Useful objects-:
1. Balloon
2. Air pump
Bad objects-:
1. Cutter

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