Historables: Marie Ant-toinette

‘Historables: Marie Ant-toinette’ is the first in a family of apps featuring adorable historically-based characters.
** A ‘TOP 5 APP OF THE WEEK’ at iHeartThisApp.com!! Aug 2012
** WINNER Creative Child Preferred Choice Award for Kids Apps 2012

Historables Apps emphasize music, story and humor – while providing fun facts about history and other subjects.

Marie Ant-toinette is an ant queen that lives in a grand castle. Players will experience innovative full motion character animation supported by charming story and great music. They will help Marie bake and decorate a cake, set up a room in the castle, and navigate treacherous underground ant tunnels.
The app is free to download and play, with additional game content available as an in-app purchase.

Inside Historables: Marie Ant-toinette:
‘Cake Bake & Decorate’ – What is Marie’s favorite things to do in her royal kitchen? …bake cake, of course! Players will follow the recipe and count and pour the ingredients to bake the cake. Each time the game is played, the quantities of ingredients in the recipe change (from among appx 24 combinations).
When the cake is ready, it’s time to decorate. Select the color for the frosting, shake on some sprinkles, add candles…and Marie will take a bite for herself!

‘Ant Tunnel’ Maze – When you run out of ingredients, no need to stop the ovens! Just head down to the storage room, and guide the ants through underground maze tunnels to retrieve more flower, eggs and milk. 3 different mazes with 22 different solution paths. When each maze is completed, Marie provides an informative tip about cakes or celebrations.

Decorate your own room in Marie’s Castle
Move and place 6 different pieces of furniture. Choose from 7 colors for each one. Marie dances through your room and provides an encouraging complement at the end!

Key elements of the Historables:
Quality for very young children. Historables apps provide children ages 3-6 with fun, educational play.

Ad-free experience. Even the free content in the app does not contain any advertising, so parents can be assured that that their young children will have a completely ad-free experience from the moment the app is downloaded.

Easy on the app purchase. The in-app purchase for additional Marie Ant-toinette games is a one-time-only purchase. The app never interrupts gameplay to request a player to make the purchase.

Characters with something to say (and teach!): Each character in the Historables family has a unique home and topic area. The first four members of the 20-character-strong Historables family are Spaniel Boone (animals & environment), Teddy Bear Roosevelt (national parks & monuments), Lionardo Da Vinci (shapes, colors and art), and the star of this first app, Marie Ant-toinette (puzzles and process-games).

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