Hipsta Chez – Addictive and Smart Time Killer

Hipsta Chez is a smart and addictive time killer, similar to gem/jewel games!
There’s no other player, no checkmate. Line up 4 or more chess pieces to clear them off the board.
Sounds simple? The trick is that pieces only move like they do in real chess! Check out http://hipstachez.com for demo video.

✔ A Match 3 game on steroids
✔ Gameplay similar to gem/jewel games
✔ Play for hours or minutes
✔ Smart and addictive gameplay
✔ Blitz game modes for those who dare
✔ Full Game Center integration
✔ Multiple leaderboards and achievements
✔ Compete in real time with your friends
✔ Unlock achievements to increase multiplier
✔ Line up crazy combos for mega scores
✔ Bonuses will help you get to millions

Don’t be afraid to try it out, tutorial will teach all there is to know about the game, and game hints will help you make first steps.

Even if you never liked chess, remember, Hipsta Chez is totally not chess! Its simplicity will amaze and entertain you!

✔ TouchArcade.com – “Hipsta Chez goes further than most match-3s in creating a smart and thoughtful experience.”

✔ AppAdvice.com – “Hipsta Chez turns the game of chess on its head and then has it breakdance.”

✔ SlideToPlay.com – “Hipsta Chez is incredibly addictive, and also an interesting experiment in genre mash-ups.”

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