High Chaparral Adventure

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Now you can bring the Wild West with you wherever you go! Follow the story of the outlaw Lefty through action filled videos and exciting gameplay. Experience the thrill of Old West in the palm of your hands. Maneuver and control your bullet to catch Sheriff stars, break glass bottles, launch wagon wheels, and avoid obstacles such as metal buckets, wooden barrels, huge wagons, flying horseshoes, and much more! The ultimate goal is to catch the evil bandit Lefty.

By combining outstanding physics, stunning visuals, and nostalgic cinematic Wild West music, you are transported back to the 1860’s where you will experience the High Chaparral Adventure over and over again.

High Chaparral is Scandinavia’s most unique adventure park! Since it’s opening in 1966, it has offered magnificent action filled experiences to people from all around the world. Each visit is a treat for the senses that you will never forget, because when you step through the gates of our world, you’ll leave the world as you know it behind.

Welcome to the Wild West!

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