Hide N Seek 3D

In this version of the classic game of ‘Hide & Seek’, you are playing as the Seeker (the boy) and your objective is to find the Hider (the girl).

Turn yourself by tilting the iPhone/iPod/iPad side to side. Move by pushing the ‘Direction’ joystick in any direction and jump using ‘Jump’ button.

Check out the ‘Remaining Distance’ to see how far away the Hider is from you.

If you are stuck, tap ‘Hint’ or ‘Zoom Out’ for help.

Once you find the Hider, she will hide again right away (you will get more points for finding the Hider quickly).

Synchronize over bluetooth, then play against another Seeker by tapping the ‘Connect’ button under the ‘Multi-Player Option’ section. Race against another user to find the Hider in a Best of 5 Match.

Zoom out is most effective when you are about 10′ away from the Hider. Also to get a more precise location of the Hider use Zoom out and Hint at the same time. This will cost you 2 hints, but will help you to find the Hider.

As you get closer to the Hider, your shirt changes color from blue (cold) to orange (hot).

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