Hidden Card Poker Solitaire

With the added suspense and excitement of hidden cards, this version of Poker Solitaire makes for a very addictive game that’s full of surprises.

Like standard Poker Solitaire the object is to score the most points by making the 10 best possible poker hands in a 5 by 5 grid of cards,5 hands across and 5 hands down.

In this variation however,5 hidden diagonal cards are revealed by the player as the game progresses creating an extra and thrilling element of chance that will inspire strategic game play.

Very easy to play
Large face, easy to read cards
Multiple backgrounds and card backs
Top 10 score tracker with reset option
Option settings and high scores retained after game exit
Sound with On/Off option
Animated cards

Scores standard Poker Solitaire hands as shown below:

1 Pair…..2 points
2 Pairs…..5 points
3 of a Kind…..10 points
Straight…..15 points
Flush…..20 points
Full House…..25 points
4 of a Kind…..50 points
Straight Flush…..75 points
Royal Flush…..100 points

LITE version now available!

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