**** As selected by the Sunday Times as “Top Game” ****

Hi-Lo is the intriguing new puzzle that picks up where sudoku left off. HI-lo gives you a completely new number challenge that you will become addicted too.

All you have to do is fill each row and column with the numbers 1 to 4 (or 1 to 5, and 1 to 6, in the larger puzzles) according to the simple ‘hi-lo’ rule: a number directly to the left of a > sign is greater than the one directly to the right of it, while a number directly above a V is greater than the one directly below it.

You’ll need all your logical wits about you to solve the puzzle!

How to solve Hi-Lo

Your task is to complete the grid so that each row and each column contains the numbers 1 to 4 (or, in the case of a 5×5 puzzle, 1 to 5, and so on). In addition, all adjacent numbers with a ‘greater than’ sign between them must obey that rule, so that if there are two adjacent squares with > between them, you know that the left-hand number must be greater than the right-hand number.

By looking at all of the signs in a puzzle, you should be able to start eliminating possibilities and filling in numbers. When you touch on a square, the possible numbers in that square pop up so that you can select the right one – or delete an incorrect answer. Correct answers appear in black, while incorrect ones are red.

Each puzzle has only one possible complete answer.

You’ll find that the puzzles become more tricky as you go on and you can time yourself against the clock so see how quick you are – and to see if you’re getting better at solving them!

When you run out of these 10 free puzzles you can buy more in app packs with 60 or 150 games to keep you busy.

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