Hex Match is a special strategy puzzle game in hexagon design. Try to find out three matches with the same color which can make the match like Y-shaped to dismiss them to increase your score. There are also special magic balls to help you to clear the board. The goal is to score as high as possible. The game is very simple to learn, but sometimes getting to harder. Apply the magic ball strategy will let you soon master it. You will have hours of fun playing it!

※ Game specific features:
* Game Center support leaderboards, achievements.
* Endless mode, multiple touch ways to move and rotate.
* Playful and special than the other match puzzle.
* Magic balls for applying strategy.
* Multiple colorful themes.

youtube: http://youtu.be/H0RplENF-D4

Hex Match 是一個有趣的六角方塊火柴棒消去遊戲,其遊戲方式很簡單找到三個相同顏色的組合成Y字型方式點燃火柴即可得分。
其中包括了有許多魔力球,玩家需要運用一點策略將隨之而來的謎題任務解開。 支援 GAME CENTER Leaderboard, 有一些成就被隱藏著供玩家自已找出。

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