The Multi-Directional Word Game!

An entertaining and educational word game / crossword game

HexaWord is unlike the classical crossword game Scrabble®; it’s a multi-directional word game. A unique word game where you can form words in any direction, looping, bridging, and multi-words per turn


• Play with up to 5 of your friends, or play solo against your iPhone®, or iPod® touch computer
• Form a word in any direction, the built-in 100,000 word dictionary will check and verify your entry
• Touch a tile to select it, and then touch a field location on the screen board to place it
• Zoom-in & Zoom-out by simply tapping twice on the screen, or sliding your fingers
• The computer draws your six tiles automatically, and replenishes them when used
• Brown tiles change color to match field hexagon color for highlighting higher points
• Listen to the built-in music track, or to music from your own iTunes® library selection, or mute it altogether for a quiet HexaWord game
• Turn the Dictionary ON to play in English, or turn it OFF to play in other languages that use Latin alphabet
• Computer calculates players scores automatically, and prompts players when needed
• Save up to 6 games, to continue playing at a later time
• Compatible with iPhone® & iPod® touch
• Requires OS 2.2.1 or later
• Works over 3G


HexaNumber: A game of consecutive numbers that form: chains, branches, loops, bridges, and summations.

HexaRow: A game of connecting six tiles of the same color, in a straight line (simple version), or in a zigzag line (advanced version).

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