Hexagon Color Lines – Pets on Board

★★★ The first Hexagon Color Lines in App Store! ★★★
★★★ The successor of Color Lines Farm ★★★

Hexagon Color Lines is similar to Color Lines game, but it has hexagon grids instead of square grids.
★ Hexagon Color Lines supports two game rules:
★ 1) Lines Mode,
Match 5 or more same pets in lines, namely vertically, diagonally, and reverse diagonally.

★ 2) Neighbour Mode,
Match 6 or more same pets neighbouring to each other.

★ Hexagon Color Lines contains as many as 7 different kind of pets,
4 pets comes at the first level and later pets comes each at one level.
★ Hexagon Color Lines contains as many as 4 different kind of magic tools,
magic tools comes from level 2.
★ The 4 magic tools are :
1) Gift box, it can make any pets believe the box is their own kind;
2) Father Christmas clone, it can match any pet, and take all the same pet away, if matched in five;
3) Wand, it can help to convert all neighbouring pets, make them into one same kind;
4) Bomb, it can clear all neighbouring items.

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