Hex Map Pro

Let your iPad* be your game board.

*or iPhone or iPod touch of course.

Whether you want to play a 
role playing game, a war game, or traditional board game, sometimes 
it’s not practical to play with a physical board with real tokens, etc.

Hex Map lets you quickly and easily set up a game on your Apple device. Choose a background (from some textures provided or any map or image you create or find on the Web), decide whether you want a hex or square playing grid (or neither), and set up your pieces.

Note: Hex Map isn’t a game itself. There are no computer opponents or rules or animation. It’s simply a gaming aid for you to use with your friends. The impetus for Hex Map was to allow an iPad to take the place of miniatures for roleplaying games on the road, but don’t let that limit your thinking.

Use it for playing games, designing games, or just working out spatial relationship problems.

Try before you buy? There is a free version of this app available in the App Store called Hex Map. It isn’t as feature rich and doesn’t allow multiple saves, but try it out.

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