Hex Img

Looking for a quick puzzle game to kill those 5 minutes time waiting for something? Hex Img is a puzzle game that allow you to play with your existing image library or even took a fresh brand new photo with your iPhone camera and play right away. It will slice your image into a hexagon pieces and spread them away (also rotated them). Your job is to bring those matching image back into place to finish the game.

You can select/move/rotate each hexagon image piece at will and when you move it back close enough to it’s original location it’ll unlock those grey area underneath. The nice trick about this game is when you try to finish more than one hexagon pieces at once, it will also bring back all the pieces that are connected with those finishing pieces. Also, You’re gifted with a 9 times help which you can use by tapping on a grey hexagon section piece. The help will bring you back those right next to it and also rotate it back to it’s original angle. So, All you need to do is just drag it a little bit to finish those pieces. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Credit: www.soundjay.com for BG music and sound effects.

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