HeroClix TabApp

*** Compatible with iPad 2 and newer, and iPad Mini ***

NEW CONTENT! Now with six additional super hero figures, over 30 new villains and more than 15 new maps with all new storylines and content!

Join your favorite super heroes in HeroClix TabApp™!

Ideal for youth (8+), yet fun for all, HeroClix TabApp™ is the latest addition to the HeroClix family, combining digital gameplay with physical super hero figures.

A great introduction to the world of HeroClix, HeroClix TabApp™ is an exhilarating, fast paced action game, where YOU become the Super Hero!

UNLOCK, BATTLE, and DEFEAT! Place your favorite HeroClix TabApp™ super hero on your iPad as it becomes your game board. Unlock special maps and comic scenarios with each figure—and get ready for all-out battle! Take out a swarm of villains with the tap or swipe of a finger as you move on to more challenging levels!

UNLOCK new comic stories and missions with each super hero figure! Unlock over 35 maps and follow along the unique storyline of each character, presented with vivid custom comic panel art.

BATTLE enemy figures as they attack from all angles! Challenge yourself to take out enemies at three separate difficulty levels and achieve the ultimate 3 star rating for each. Enable defense and attack powers as you pick up special power ups along the way!

DEFEAT minions and villainous bosses as you complete each exciting mission, collecting special bonuses at each level!

HeroClix TabApp™ is FREE from the App Store now!

Haven’t picked up a figure yet? No worries! You can still play HeroClix TabApp! Select the “Don’t Have A Figure” option from the main menu to play the demo.

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