This is HERO STORIES FOR DOTA2 Utility App.

Application allows you to:
– FanFiction, Stories about Dota and Warcraft universe!
– Track news and comments from Official forums.
– Explore Heroes.
– Track official YouTube Channel and Twitter of Dota2.

Some features requires internet connection.
For more information on DOTA2, please visit the official website at http://dota2.com/ To set up a STEAM account, please visit the official STEAM website at http://store.steampowered.com/

All images, Dota and the Dota logo are trademarks of VALVE Corporation.

This is unofficial.
It is not created, endorsed by affiliated with the creators of this game or its licensors. We are not associated with the owners of this game in any manner. No one has authorized, sponsored or sanctioned this unofficial application.

In creating this unofficial guide, we assert its rights under the “fair use” doctrine pursuant United States copyright law the equivalent in other jurisdictions, if you feel there has been a contravention of your proprietary rights then please contact us.

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