Hero of Magic II

Tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your pets… HoM2 is FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Fighting, killing, saving the world! Now, 2nd generation!

“Hero of Magic 2″: new battle modes, new traps, new Dungeon BOSSes, new weapon skills, entirely new castle defense game.

Monsters have returned! This time, they wield mightier weapons, and have summoned more powerful Dungeon BOSSes to assault your castle!

Heroes, grab new weapons and magic, use new traps, crush the enemy!

# Touch the screen to shoot an arrow
#Drag magic skill button to cast magic skill spell
#City Wall: upgrade City Walls to raise your HPs
#Mana: used to cast spells
#Magic Tower: upgrade it to raise your Mana
#Strength: raises the damage done by bows
#Agility: raises shooting rate
#Weapon: select and equip a bow before battle
#Powerful Hit: can push monster back
#Fatal Blow: chance to deal double damage
#Trap: select and equip one type of trap to help you defeat the enemy
#Battle Items: when monsters die, there is a chance they will drop items, use them to create obstacles for your opponent

Game Mode:
1. Local Mode: repel wave after wave of monster attacks
2. Battle Mode: the last remaining player is victorious
3. Dungeon Mode: challenge Dungeon BOSSes, unlock new traps

If you encountered any problem, please call our support phone : 08615395063967, service time is GMT+0 01:00-10:00

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