Hero Lab Pathfinder Character Sheet

Pathfinder character sheets have finally leveled up!

Hero Lab for the iPad allows you to take a Pathfinder character created in Hero Lab on the desktop, and use that character on an iPad during game play. Because this app has the Hero Lab engine under the hood, it’s much more than just a plain record sheet – everything about your character is automatically *recalculated as you play*, including ability modifiers, stat bonuses, encumbrance levels, and more.

Any character created in Hero Lab on the desktop can be used with Hero Lab for the iPad. This allows GMs who own Hero Lab to provide electronic character sheets to any members of their gaming group, regardless of whether the player owns Hero Lab or not. With this flexibility, more players than ever can now realize the benefits of an intuitive, dynamic and fully electronic character sheet!

Just entered a Barbarian Rage? Tap the box and watch your Strength go up, and with it your damage, attack bonus, and skills. Apply the effects of feats, class abilities, and spells with another tap on the screen. Track your character’s damage and see immediately how it impacts his abilities (assuming he’s still standing…).

Conditions and effects can be instantly applied and removed. Martial classes can quickly swap out their weapons and spellcasters can swap out their spells, as appropriate. Find and create new magic items and have Hero Lab automatically calculate their stats. See the spells in your spellbook and pick between them when you rest for the night. You can even purchase new gear and have the cost automatically deducted from the character’s treasury.

With full support for the Pathfinder game system, players can now see, at a glance, all of the character’s abilities and pick which one is optimal for a particular encounter. This speeds up game play by eliminating the need to search through multiple books at the table to find the details of a specific facet of a character.

There’s much, much more to Hero Lab than can be described here, but if you can do it in Pathfinder, Hero Lab supports it. Download the app and play with the example characters to see just why Hero Lab won a Gold ENnie Award!

Note that this version of Hero Lab is only an electronic character sheet, not a full character creator program. To use Hero Lab on the iPad, you must first create characters using Hero Lab on your PC or Mac. For more information, including a free demo download, check out our web site at http://www.wolflair.com/.

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