Herman the Hermit

Herman the Hermit is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Herman the Hermit Review

Hope you like to jump, because that’s all you do in Herman the Hermit. You jump from one floating platform to another until you can’t jump anymore. And then you die.

The screen auto-scrolls forward, so you have to stay alert to keep the lonely old bastard on solid ground. Jumping is a simple screen-tapping affair, and it’s easy to get used to. As he soars through the air, he clings to the first platform he touches until you make him jump again. If he falls, no worries. He hops back up, ready to jump some more.

While you’re doing all of this jumping, a timer counts down in the corner of the screen. When it hits zero, the game is over. You can refill the timer by getting a clock power-up or by skipping past platforms without touching them. Occasionally you’ll grab other power-ups that give you extra points or shoot you further into the level.

Living on the edge.

The game looks nice and has pleasant enough music, but it only comes with one background that becomes boring quickly. The game doesn’t have any dynamics to speak of, so you won’t run into any enemies or obstacles or much of anything besides platforms. There’s nothing to do but jump.

When time runs out, your score goes to a Game Center leaderboard. But for some reason there’s no way to look at the leaderboards from within the app. You can see your personal bests, but to compare yourself to other people playing the game you have to go into the Game Center app. This seems like a pointless step, considering that other games have built in leaderboards, or even put other players’ scores directly in the levels.

Herman the Hermit has a polished presentation, but that’s about the only thing going for it. The uninspired gameplay and lack of features make it far less enjoyable than Doodle Jump, Robot Unicorn Attack, or other worthwhile high score games. Herman isn’t likely to make any friends until he gives players a reason to care.