HereWolf is a modern twist on a classic party game that is known by many different names (Werewolf, Assassin, Mafia and Witch Hunt to name just a few). It is a game of monsters, murder and mayhem wherein players seek to kill their opponents before they are killed themselves. The HereWolves, a murderous minority, collectively agree to kill one citizen each night. Each day, the terrified citizens then try to figure out who among them is a Herewolf and eliminate the suspected threat through assassination – sometimes they are right and they successfully take out one of the frightening beasts; other times an innocent victim falls prey to the angry mob.

HereWolf allows you to create and moderate games without the need for an actual deck of cards. Players join a game using an on-screen clawing action on their own device (smartphone or tablet) and have their randomly determined in-game role assigned once the game starts. The game moderator can eliminate Herewolf victims and suspected citizens using the Leader card. Players receive visible and audible feedback on their own device when they are killed.

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