Henry and the Psionic Overlords

Tired of the same old gameplay clones? This is a turn-based, campy horror-fest with a unique approach to gameplay via a mixture of RPG and board game elements.

Help young Henry Lee fight ghouls, ghosts, EVIL CLOWNS and many other entities (and yes, of course… ZOMBIES too!) using PSIONIC POWERS and a plethora of other items he finds along the way! Find enough GREEN GOO to help repair the ALIEN DRONE SHIP to save Pleasant Valley!

– Adjust Henry’s MENTAL DISPOSITION to increase the effects of Henry’s PSIONIC POWERS and other weapons to defeat a gaggle of different creatures, each with unique traits, abilities and special powers…

– Guide Henry through a large game board/map containing over 100 locations on his quest to collect the GREEN GOO!

– Complete side-quests, and look for clues as to the locations of hidden goo and powerful items!

– Earn points to level up and increase attributes like fight, aim, conjure, intellect, and others in order to defeat ever more powerful foes!

– Over 100 unique encounters!

– Look out for that pesky BLOORGIAN BOSS who appears from time to timeā€¦ you only have 100 turns to accomplish your mission. Good luck, Human!

– FREE to play!

– Compare your scores and achievements with friends in this gamecenter and open feint enabled app!

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