Help Mama Duck – FREE

“Help Mama Duck” is the game about duck mama and her four kids. Duck Kids found a new lake and suddenly jumps into the lake without knowing the dangers inside the lake. In the lake, duck kids get dragged by the whirlpools and cry for help from Mama. In this situation, Duck Mama is helpless and in fear of losing her kids and need your strategic help to save her kids.

Will you help Mama Duck?

Help Mama duck is based on real life whirlpool drag physics.

********************** How To Play *********************

Save duck kids by preventing them to fall into whirlpools.

You can save ducks by two ways:

1) Select different size whirlpools available in the bottom tray and drag & drop them into the lake such a way that it creates opposite drag and hold duck in lake water still until all the water is drained.

2) Select walls from the bottom tray and drag & drop in front of the whirlpools blocking the duck kids to fall in, but using wall will reduce your level score.

Have Fun!


The game features:
– Save at least one duck kid to unlock next new level
– To complete the level, save all 4 duck kids
– Use whirlpools or walls to save duck kids
– Game Center
– Universal

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