The baddies have taken over the world as you know it. With the help of magic, new technology, and guns they have turned the world into an evil place. You are one of the last survivors. Fight off the creatures of hell with an array of weapons, including the chainsaw, rocket launcher, and shotgun. It is up to you to save the world.

*Fight through 40+ levels of Hell-hounds, creepers, skeletons, and vampires.

*Find keys to unlock doors and hidden secrets.

*Fully customizable in game controls.

*How skilled are you? 4 different difficulties to test your gun slinging skills.

*Find all the weapons! 8 different weapons to reek havoc on the baddies with.

***Upcoming in Version 1.1***

*Co-op and multi-player mode*
Play against or with your friends!

*New baddies and Weapons*
More bad guys to destroy and weapons to destroy them with!

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