Wanna play a challenging arcade platformer?

“Recommendation: Anyone looking for a very challenging Arcade platformer experience.” – AppStoreArcade.com

“A jolly little game with an interesting concept and simple but challenging gameplay, Hellbreak is a pretty successful effort.” – Bytten.com

“It’s a well-crafted pick-up-and-play title with plenty of content. It’s just that it’s also incredibly tough.” – 148Apps.com

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There are legends about people returning from real blazing Hell. But, as you may know, such a breakout is no easy task to do… Will you be one of the very few lucky bastards?

Hellbreak is a fast-paced game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. During your attempts to escape from the depths of Hell, you’ll test a lot of your skills. Teeming with demons and traps, the twisted dimensions of various kinds of Hell require a special combination of careful planning, quick reflexes and – well, a bit of luck!

Key features:
– a remarkable combination of action arcade and puzzle
– dozens of unique levels with many varied themes
– a short poem for every infernal dungeon
– 2 different endless modes
– original graphics and soundtrack
– simple and intuitive controls
– choice from 4 different input methods (touch, accelerometer, combination, virtual joystick)
– catchy gameplay
– Game Center support with many achievements to unlock

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