Hell's chef

CoolieWork studio’s Hell’s Chef is an casual action game where you have to help the chef complete the food orders by using various tools, which the tool can be upgraded!

This game has a lot of witty pictures and music. Just pick up and play this casual game whenever you have a moment.

As you progress, the difficulty will increase and your memory will also be put to a challenge! MUAHAHA!

More levels and rewards coming soon! Stay tune!

How to Play:
-There will be a list of food orders on the upper left that are required to be completed. You will have to click the flying ingredients to complete the food orders. Some of the orders will require tools to process the ingredients, which you can drag the ingredients to the tool to get processed.
-If you don’t remember how to complete a food order, simply double click on the order on the upper left and instructions will appear.
-You have to complete all listed food orders within the time limit in order to advance to the next level. Completing the level will also reward you with coins, which you can spend on tools.

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