Heli Flyer

Enter the world of Heli Flyer. Where you can experience the excitement and challenge of flying r/c helicopters. Learn to Pilot your helicopter with precision as Heli Flyer lets you learn step by step to gain control of these exciting aircraft. Start out with simple controls, and slowly add more realism by disabling the helpers, so eventually you can fly upside down!

Heli Flyer is for everyone from beginners to advanced pilots, the options menu gives you control of how you want to fly, whether you have never flown before or are an experienced helicopter pilot.

Learn to fly from basic hover to upside down stunt flying! Try Heli Flyer today.

UPDATES for Version 1.3!

New Zoom cam! So, if you fly far away a zoomed version of your helicopter appears so you can still see the orientation of your helicopter

Fixed Bugs in touch controls

Better Physics model

Now you can select Mode1(USA) or Mode2(World) control style!

This let’s you choose to have the throttle on the left or the right

Added guide marks to show control centers and where the control is.

Joystick position is also adjustable.

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