Heineken Get in the Game


Get the new iPhone app from Heineken Ireland. Get in the Game is a multi platform rugby experience for the 2013 Heineken Cup.

Win exclusive Heineken prizes by playing games and showing us your rugby knowledge. We’ve also hidden exclusive Heineken Trophies around Ireland, online and offline.

Use your skills, wit and cunning to beat your friends and get ahead. The only way to win is to prove your skill and Get in the Game.


You’re going to need lightning fast reflexes and some pretty safe hands to get ahead in our new challenge for Get In The Game. You’ve got one minute to catch as many balls as you can, thrown towards you from all directions.

Watch the ball as it hurtles in your direction and predict the bounce the best you can. You’ve got just a fraction of a second to position yourself. Make every catch count.


The game starts now. No pressure. It’s just you, the ball and 50,000 spectators.

Find your angle and line up your kick. Watch as the ball sails between the posts and the crowd cheers, or feel the agony as the ball flies wide.

There are just ten kicks between you and a perfect score. You need to react accurately and quickly to get yourself on the leaderboard.

Make your friends proud and share your score on Facebook. Maybe there’s something in it for you if you do.

Keep an eye out for hints to get some extra points. It all counts towards your chances of winning some great prizes!

Get in the Game features:

– Compete against the rest of Ireland for some amazing prizes
– Truly innovative gameplay
– Immersive stadium atmosphere with realistic graphics and sound
– Get into the game at www.heineken.ie/game for more opportunities to win

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