Heavy MACH: Battle

Description ======================================
“‘Heavy Mach 2′ – A Great Sequel” – Touch Arcade
“Heavy Mach 2 Review – Must have” – NoDPad.com
“Same Fun Tank Battles, New Top-Down View, Excellent Controls” – Phone Blog
“Heavy Mach Switches Genres in New Sequel” – Best iPhone Apps

The Best Machine Action-RPG for your iPhone and iPod Touch!
The all-new sequel to the originator in Heavy-Armored Tank Action, “Heavy Mach,” has been released!
This episode of the Heavy Mach series includes a new battlefield and mission system, all from within a new overhead view for a more RPG feel and smoother gameplay.
New enemies, better bosses, more powerful weapons and the new build and attack system will guarantee hours of continued enjoyment.
– Various enemies including mid-to-high level bosses
– A huge variety of weapons, parts and bot systems can be bought from the in-game store
– Amazing Air-strike attacks and a new “Endless Missions and Quests System”
– More enchanted effects and better game-feel than the original “Heavy Mach.”

#### How to play
1. Accept the mission in the command center of the base-camp.
2. Buy arms, parts or special attack items from the shop of the base-camp.
3. Install parts or bots in the maintenance shop.
4. Execute the mission fighting with enemies on the battlefield.

#### Recent Updates
* Addition of game money cells
– $0.99 = 50Cell
– $1.99 = 100Cell
– $3.99 = 200Cell

* Revival items
– Revival items for 10 revivals: 10 Cells = 10 times
– Revival items for 50 revivals: 40 Cells = 50 times
– Revival items for 100 revivals: 70 Cells = 100 times

* Game money exchange
– 1 Cell = 2000 Cr

* Reinforcement items
– A reinforcement item improves overall stats by 150%
– Reinforcement items for 10 days: 10 Cells = 10 days
– Reinforcement items for 30 days: 30 Cells = 30 days
– The game UI changes when a Reinforcement item is equipped.

* Support function
– To: heavymach.cs@wemade.com
– CC: CC addresses can be added
– Title: Basic value registration (can be revised by user)
– Text: Basic value registration (can be revised by user) *Basic contents applied to the text can be revised.
– Cancel: Can select cancel without saving or temporarily saving document.
– Automatic saving of user information (measure to handle user inquiries)
– Sent confirmation message
A message window appears showing the message has been sent.

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