Heavy MACH: Assault

HEAVY MACH : Assault
Description ======================================
“A realistic tank action game you won’t want to put down, HEAVY MACH!”
Enjoy this realistic easy-to-control tank game on your iOS device today.

##### How to Control
– Move: Tilt the iPhone LEFT or RIGHT. Movement speed increases in proportion to the degree of tilt.
– Booster: You can JUMP by tapping on the booster lever located at the bottom left corner of the screen. (Double jump is available through a parts upgrade).
– Shooting: The currently selected weapon is fired in the direction that you TAP on the screen.
– Dash Activation: DASH is activated when you TAP your MACH’s left or right side. (Body parts should be upgraded at least 3 phases in order to activate Dash.)

#### Special Features
– 21 phases of parts upgrades available for your MACH.
– 6 Missions and 30 stages are ready to be played. (Additional missions will be included in future releases.)
– Various weapons including machine guns, shotguns, howitzers (a high-angle gun), missiles, lasers, nuclear bombs, etc.
– About 800 types of enemy MACHs including tanks, armored cars, missile trucks, helicopters, supersize bosses and howitzers.
– Various high quality original illustrations.

#### Recent Updates
* Revival items
– If a mach is destroyed in the field it can be revived using “Life”.
(The mach falls slowly from the sky and the user can set a location to start again safely).
– When a mach is destroyed the game checks whether the player will continue to play, and if so “Life” is used to continue.
– 20 lives (Life x20) can be purchased for $0.99.

* Support function
– To: heavymach.cs@wemade.com
– CC: CC addresses can be added
– Title: Basic value registration (can be revised by user)
– Text: Basic value registration (can be revised by user) *Basic contents applied to the text can be revised.
– Cancel: Can select cancel without saving or temporarily saving document.
– Automatic saving of user information (measure to handle user inquiries)
– Sent confirmation message
A message window appears showing the message has been sent.

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