Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a game from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., originally released 16th April, 2014

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News via Touch Arcade:

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Expansion Coming August 24

If waiting for Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion has left you as restless as an orc with fire ants down its loincloth, here’s some good news: The Grand Tournament begins on Monday August 24.

If you want to get a head-start or simply want to get a really good deal on new packs, go do the pre-order. The new cards look really fun, with some really crazy ones joining the fray.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

Weekly Hearthstone Update: Art and Artists, and Blizzard’s Bottom Line

Still no Grand Tournament expansion, but there’s plenty of Hearthstone news for Touch Arcade to recap, regardless.

Still waiting, Blizzard…We have officially entered the third week of August and still haven’t been invited to The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone’s [Free] upcoming expansion. There’s plenty of chatter that the expansion will be released on the 24th of this month, so that might actually be the date I get to open all my TGT packs.

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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Weekly Hearthstone Update: Why There’s No Tournament Mode in The Grand Tournament, and More

As usual, Touch Arcade seeks to make your Monday a little more jolly with a roundup of Hearthstone news.

What a couple of week’s we’ve had! After Blizzard finally announced The Grand Tournament (TGT) expansion and its Inspire mechanic, most thought that that was all that there was to the new expansion in terms of mechanics. Yet, Blizzard apparently has decided to try even harder to slow down the meta by introducing another mechanic, Joust. No matter what the effect of the new expansion is on the game, I think it’s safe to say that Blizzard isn’t afraid to rock the boat when it comes to Hearthstone, which is good news if you, like me, enjoy playing with new toys often.

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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Don’t Sweat It if Your ‘Hearthstone’ Card Collection is Kind of Weak

A new Hearthstone expansion is gearing up to drop into our laps, which has made a few Internet pundits and apprehensive gamers bemoan that it’s not even worth trying to get into the game because it’ll take so much time/money to get the good cards. Touch Arcade says don’t sweat it, son. From the “pep talk”:

It’s like anything in life, if you don’t learn from your failures, you’re just doomed to continue to fail. Don’t get discouraged, keep plugging away, and try to absorb as muchHearthstone knowledge as possible through your defeats.

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Hearthstone Update Adds Pre-Order Option for The Grand Tournament

Hearthstone just updated with the option to pre-order The Grand Tournament. There are other fun little fixes as well.

What’s New in Version 2.8.9554
* Pre-purchase “The Grand Tournament”
— Starting late July, you can pre-purchase “The Grand Tournament” 50 card pack bundle from the in-game shop and unlock a special card back. The Grand Tournament packs can be opened in August when the expansion releases but the card back is available immediately!
* The following card backs have been added:
— Darkspear – Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of July.