Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., originally released 16th April, 2014

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News via VentureBeat:

Hearthstone’s third Blackrock Mountain wing, Blackrock Spire, is now live

Lately it seems like Hearthstone posts just don’t stop coming. That’s because a lot is going on with this fantastic card battling game lately, and if you’re not playing it, you should probably change that ASAP. The third section of the Blackrock Mountain DLC has gone live. VentureBeat reports:

This gives you three new bosses to fight against as part of the continuing solo adventure. This is just one of the ways that Blizzard is keeping fans of its first free-to-play and mobile game coming back for more, and it’s working as Hearthstone is one of the top-grossing apps on iOS and Android. The developer is selling this new episode for $7, but you can buy the entirety of Blackrock Mountain for $25 — that will save you a few bucks over purchasing each wing separately.


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How-Tos via Touch Arcade:

A Hearthstone Deck-Building Guide

Yesterday Touch Arcade posted a standard beginners guide for Hearthstone, a fantastic Magic: The Gathering-like card game that has just come to the iPhone thanks to a universal update to its iPad app. Today TA has posted a beginner’s guide to deck-building, which is an essential part of the Hearthstone experience. Read it here.

Even if you are willing to splurge and get all kinds of fancy Legendaries, if you don’t know how to use them in the correct deck, you’ll simply have expensive, but losing, decks.The main take from this guide is a relatively simple one: to use Ken Nagle’s, aMagic the Gathering designer, axiom, “Play good decks, not good cards.” When you are putting cards together, you should be thinking about the deck as one unit consisting of smaller parts rather than a collection of cards put together just because individually the cards look strong. Deck-building is about deciding on a strategy and making a deck that adheres to that. Don’t be afraid to leave out a new, fancy card you just got if you can’t find a good reason to fit it in the deck.

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Deals via Pocket Gamer:

Amazon App Store Offers Hearthstone Deals

Getting ready to download Hearthstone onto your Android-based phone? Back up. The Amazon App Store is running a promotion by giving away Amazon Coins with certain in-app purchases. In fact, Amazon has a page dedicated to Hearthstone deals.

You get 30 percent of your expenditure back in Amazon Coins so that you can put them towards more in-game purchases, basically.

What this means is that, if you’re spending money in the game anyway, doing it through the Amazon App Store gets you more Card Packs.

The example we were given by Amazon is this: if you spend $90 then you get 106 packs on the Amazon App Store, whereas you’d only get 70 packs for the same price on Google Play.


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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

People are Doing Crazy Things in Hearthstone

French streamer and Hearthstone player Mamytwink claims to be breaking all kinds of Hearthstone records lately. First he apparently set the record for the longest single turn, and now he claims to have set the record for most cards drawn and most fatigue damage in a turn. From Touch Arcade:

For the uninitiated, here’s a simple breakdown: Hearthstone decks have 30 cards in them, and you take 1 point of damage each time you overdraw (this is called “fatigue”). The effect is a cumulative penalty for running out of cards. You take one point of damage the first time you overdraw, two points the second time, and so on.

The losing player in Henn’s experiment overdrew 14,745 times, and some quick, back-of-the-napkin summation reveals that he took a total of 108,714,885 points of fatigue damage. The turn took 24 hours to complete and finished up earlier this morning.

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How-Tos via Touch Arcade:

Hints and Tips for Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain Expansion

Having trouble besting the dwarves and beasties that lurk in the hot, rocky veins of Blackrock Mountain? Touch Arcade has some tips that will help you see the light again.

If all else fails, remember its important to not only learn from your mistakes, but to commemorate them. So pop a 40 and pour one out for all the close calls, the OTK’s and the face rolls that didn’t go your way.

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Updates via 148Apps:

Visit Blackrock Mountain in Hearthstone

Blackrock Mountain has come to Hearthstone. You can visit the first wing of the mountain and slug it out with fire elementals, dragons, and classic World of Warcraft Foes. Download Hearthstone for free to check out the new expansion.

Each week Blizzard will open a new wing for you to ransack, but if you can’t wait you can purchase them separately for 700 gold or $6.99 per wing. There is also a bundle pack that includes all of the wings for$24.99.

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