HealthyU Jr Chef

Welcome to Healthy U Jr. Chef, a simple and smart app created by the Government of Alberta. Healthy U Jr. Chef allows parents to browse, plan and cook healthy meals for their family, plus include the kids through fun, interactive games with our cast of critters. For Parents: Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack, moms and dads can find quick, healthy dishes with a variety of main ingredients ranging from seafood and poultry, to grains and vegetables. Dishes are shown in full colour photography, then ranked as to how healthy they are, and how often you should serve them to your family. Check out the cooking instructions and ingredients before saving them to your phone’s grocery list with the touch of a button. For Kids: Kids can enjoy Healthy U Jr. Chef, too, as they master safe kitchen skills with our cast of fun critters. They’ll gain important skills ranging from washing hands to cracking an egg, and be rewarded by perking up their quirky critter friends, and unlocking new ones.

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