HC Air Hockey Pro

Customer and Site Reviews:

AppAdSurplus.com: “If you like or love playing air hockey, this app is for you all the way, rated 9/10.

EnvyBox.com: “HC Air Hockey Pro by SuperRoOt is one heck of a game. Lots of options for a free app. Highly recommended!

This version is now the FREE version of HC Air Hockey Ultimate.

There are more advances but limited selections with this version.

*Select from the 11 tables to play on
*Select from the 3 audio tracks to play
*Scoring BUZZER for every score
*Unique Score Keeper….
*2nd Gen – 3.0 and up only

One factor about this HC Air Hockey game by SuperRoOt that we had been told by our group of testers: Throughout testing other versions and apps like this one, SuperRoOt’s version has a playing field that seemed bigger. It was, also, more user friendly. But don’t take their words for it. Try it out free now! If you like this then try HC Air Hockey Ultimate!!

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