HazzaH RPG Toolkit

Hazzah: RPG Toolkit brings tabletop gaming into the digital world like never before by putting your adventures, minis, dice and maps in your tablet so that you can play anytime, anywhere!

Hazzah’s Map Creator feature allows users to create 3D maps by simply dragging and dropping walls, floors, objects and terrain onto a map grid. Users can rotate map views along horizontal and vertical axis, including displaying the map in the traditional top-down view. The impressive array of map objects (over 200 images) allows users to fully customize their maps.

The Adventure Creator feature allows GMs to write their own adventures, add 3D maps, add creatures to encounters, designate flavor text for their players, and add descriptive GM notes. It integrates seamlessly during a gaming session so that GMs can navigate between maps, add encounter “minis.”

Hazzah can be customized with “rulesets” to enhance your gaming experience. It comes standard with the Pathfinder OGL ruleset that expands functionality by allowing users to create standard Pathfinder OGL core rule characters, add context sensitive access to rules, and embed creature stats to the creature’s 3D mini.

Hazzah has two game modes: Pass and Play and Wi-Fi player connectivity through the use of the Hazzah: RPG Player’s toolkit; a separate product available through the App Store. With the Player’s Toolkit, players can use their iPhone or iPad to connect directly to a game session, roll dice across devices and even keep track of their characters using a particular ruleset.

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