Hazards – The best location based game since Hide-and-Seek

Place virtual hazards using your GPS for friends to hit.


This game is so much fun. I love setting traps and waiting. I feel like a ninja.

Very smooth running app. I especially like the helpful tips that let me know what I should do next. I’ve been an avid foursquare user and Hazards could very well take it’s place.
-PKT 1305


Climb the leaderboard as you place and avoid these virtual traps by checking in to physical places. Unlock different hazard types (like the Poison hazard when you are strapped for quoins or the EMP hazard for your arch-nemesis). Find friends on Facebook and Twitter to compete with. Leave a taunting message on a hazard for your unfortunate target.

Automatically check in with foursquare® while placing your hazards.

Featured on zConnection International’s Indie Week and The Video Games Show Podcast.

Location Services are required to play.

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