Wanna have your own cabin on Times Square? A villa on Mount Everest? Or even a castle on the Cayman Islands? Visit the most attractive spots of the world and buy some property there – if it isn’t already taken – or just start building in your neighbourhood.

In the map-based game “Haus” every player has the chance to rise from a homeless tramp to a renowned owner of a castle. For each player you ally with, the both of you get money to buy new parcels or buildings. By prettifying your possessions with various accessories, you will increase their value and can subsequently sell them for a better price. To augment your savings, you can also go treasure hunting – isn’t it just astounding, how many treasures there are buried in your very neighbourhood?

As a pet you will find a friendly dragon, who prefers to live in a cosy castle instead of a tatty tent. That’s why he encourages you to increase your estate continuously and points you in the right direction, in case you get lost.

“Haus” is an interactive, map-based, Monopoly-like game. And most of all, it is a lot of fun. Go and get it!

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