Hatcher is an epic online strategy game. Hatch eggs to build your army of fantastic creatures, form alliances, and compete for control of the world!

***** “We need more unique, multiplayer games like Hatcher on iPad and iPhone” -The iPhone App Review

***** “This game is one of the best I’ve ever played on my iPhone if not THE best”

Hatcher artfully blends the best aspects of a social online game with strategic elements such as resource management and combat. Expand your territory and level up your creatures to become the most powerful player or guild in the realm!

+ Free to play
+ Build a unique army with highly customizable creatures
+ Peacefully explore or engage other players as you search for the fabled Shard eggs
+ Ally with other players to form powerful guilds
+ Engaging and intriguing creature improvement process
+ Highly strategic asynchronous combat perfect for serious gamers and casual tappers alike

Note: A network connection is required

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at support@brockenhaus-studio.com

Contact Rob Visentin, developer:

Contact Samantha Broccoli, artist:

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