Hashi (also know as Hashiwokakero and Bridges) is an addictive, relaxing and engaging logic puzzle.

A summary of the rules appears below:

1. Construct bridges between islands such that each island has the proper number of bridges attached to it.
2. Bridges can placed in a horizontal or vertical orientation and may not overlap.
3. You can have at most two bridges directly connecting one island to another.
4. The network of bridges must connect each island to every other island. In other words,
if you pick any island in the puzzle you should be able to “walk” from it to any other island by travelling
over the bridges.

It couldn’t be much simpler than that. And yet, hidden behind these simplistic rules you’ll find some devilishly challenging puzzles. Or, if casual puzzling is more your speed, the small puzzles will nicely satisfy your cravings without tying your brain in knots.

Speaking of brains, Hashi includes a Daily Challenge to keep you mentally sharp. The Daily Challenge tracks your best score over different time periods allowing you to compete against a very worthy adversary: yourself.

We hope you enjoy Hashi. If you have suggestions on how we can improve Hashi, or any of our other products, feel free to contact using the Hashi Support link below.

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