Harvest Lands

“Overall I’m really in love with this application.”
– Apps24h

“The graphics are great, the controls are responsive, and the ideas are unique.”
– Game Center Games

“Fans of sim games like Tiny Tower and Farmville are sure to love this game.”
– Apps on Tap

Come to Harvest Lands to discover and collect the magical creatures known as Nummies! They need your help to harvest valuable resources and build their special town of Nummington. Seek out rare and mythical Nummies with unique powers who will quickly become your favourite companions!

Harvest Lands is all about working alongside your Nummies, so get ready for a new kind of adventure where you and your Nummies will explore, harvest and find treasures together!

★ Thousands of different combinations of Nummies with special abilities are waiting to be found!
★ Adventure through colourful lands in an enchanted world to seek out hidden treasures and extraordinary Nummies!
★ Work with your Nummies to harvest from nature and watch them grow stronger!
★ Manage Nummington’s economy by finding the best Nummi employees to work in your shops!
★ Tons of achievements, quests and an online Leaderboard to see who’s got the best town and Nummies!

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