Hareep’s babies are trapped by a series of dangerous obstacles. We need to help Hareep rescue the babies! Collect various cards and utilize various objects in your mission to reach the babies.

———- REVIEWS ———-
– “Those looking for a challenge combined with entertaining graphics will definitely flock toward this game.”
— Appadvice.com ratings: 5/5

– “Hareep is a fairly original, challenging puzzle title that is a nice change from the numerous copycat games on the App Store.”
— insidemobileapps.com

– “This game is surely a great puzzle game that will drive you crazy when you will try to solve the game. The storyline and the graphics are pretty cool.”
— 91mobiles.com ratings: 5/5


Key features:
★ Many types of objects: wrench, fan, bucket, mirror, laser, bomb and many more.
★ 45 levels, 3 level boxes.
★ In-built map editor and map download manager.
★ Facebook and twitter integration.

Support: support@touchwow.com

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