Happy Bubble

★Top1 in Taiwan AppStore ★
★Top1 in Thailand AppStore ★
★Top2 in Hong Kong AppStore ★

Raqpit studio developed apps game along two cute characters, Rabbit and Chick. The innovative “Happy” apps game series had been downloaded over 400,000 counts. Thank you to all supportive gamers!

Rabbit and Chick bring you new fun game!
A big war is going to spread out for Carrots! Rabbit fight for “Food”, Chick fright for “Mom”! An easy navigating game to stacking from ground to sky, then to outer space universe. It’s a fun exciting game to check out clicking hits against bubbles rising! Watch out, you will face many barriers along the way!
Good luck and have fun!

Happy Bubble also use game center, players can check the ranking using global leaderboard.

For more information or support, please visit www.raqpit.com

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