Happy Bernard's puzzles for kids. Urban vehicles and building machines. Lite

Bouncy Bernard is a cute doggy that likes fun a lot. Puzzles is one of his favorite.
However, this is not only about fun.
He is very smart and is fond of discovering the world as well.
He invites you to accompany him in doing this.

Today he wants to be with you to discover striking representations of well-known urban vehicles and building machines. 
There is a fire engine, a police car, an ambulance, a car, a scooter, a tractor and a train.
There is also an excavator, a cement mixer, a dumper truck, a crane, a cleaning car, a bulldozer, a road roller and a wheelbarrow.

So, as you can see there is huge collection of objects to became familiar with and have fun in playing puzzles along with Bouncy Bernard.
Don’t wait any longer!

– Interactive puzzles parts for children aged 3+.
– Three levels of difficulty (6 parts, 12 parts, 20 parts puzzles).
– Beautiful and realistic 3D pictures that are created to both entertain and educate children.
– Intuitive navigation.
– Drag and drop puzzle pieces. Tap a piece to make it large, move into the place of destination and release.
– Gray, faded picture background facilitating matching pieces.
– Supporting sound effects.
– Switch on / off music function.

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