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Hank Hazard is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Hank Hazard Review

If Hank Hazard were a real hamster, we would want him as a pet. Not only is he an adorable little hamster with big dreams, but he’s a brave daredevil who doesn’t shy away from hazards like spinning blades, bombs, and electrically-charged orbs. You start off with Hank in his early days of daredeviling, learning the ropes of mastering jumps and falling down pits. Soon, Hank will be your best buddy. You’ll rejoice together as you grasp that elusive gold coin or earn bonuses together.

In order to get Hank from start to finish in each level, you need to pop blocks to get them out of his way. As you progress, new obstacles and tools are added. For instance, you will gain mastery over bombs, which you can explode, propelling Hank across the level, or you’re given boxing gloves you can wind up and release with precision timing. All of these new elements require you to consider the physics of the game.

Hamming it up.

Each level also has a ‘nuts bonus,’ which is earned when Hank successfully achieves a certain feat. Sometimes, a nuts bonus may be completing the level in a limited number of moves, or crossing the finish at a certain speed. Each level has a different bonus, and a loading screen prior to the level will tell you which one it is. The nuts bonus and the three stars add a difficulty to the game that may require several play-throughs of the same level. Sometimes a level will require a certain amount of planning, while others just need that perfect touch at the perfect time.

Hank Hazard is divided up into three worlds, each with 25 levels. With the amount of replayability in each level, that’s a lot of content. However, there is also a fourth world you can unlock by finding hidden golden stars throughout various levels. These are the most elusive collectibles, often out of view initially. Once achieved, each gold star unlocks one level within ‘The Golden Years’ world, containing perhaps the most challenging of the game’s levels.

Feelings of terror are normal.

Even amidst the frantic gameplay and the overwhelming amount of content, Hank Hazard himself may be the cherry on top of this iOS-gaming sundae. He’s an adorable hamster, and once you get all three stars and achieve the nuts bonus, little Hank is full of bravado and pride. If you manage to miss all three stars, Hank will give a disappointed frown. His animations are crisp, and each possible outcome has a unique animated Hank.

Hank Hazard has enough content and challenge to keep you interested for quite a while, with fun, breezy gameplay. Hank keeps it fun, and you rarely feel frustrated for having to replay a level five times to get all three stars. For the low price and the friendship of Hank, the hamster with a dream, you can’t go wrong.