★★★★★ HangPic is the best trivia quiz over pictures

★ Dozens of new categories to come on a regular basis

★ HangPic is a fast, simple and fun trivia quiz in which you challenge other players and your friends among dozens of categories and thousands of images. Play series of 5 questions and find the right answers, as fast as possible.

★ Action, fun, culture, and engaging challenges through the weekly tournament.

★★★ Discover on a regular basis brand new categories that will complete the current one.

★ Actors & Actresses
★ Logos
★ Landmarks of the world
★ Sport Cars
★ Bikes
★ Inventions
★ Soccer teams
★ Mental arithmetic
★ Emoticons
★ Animals
★ Flags
★ Capital cities
★ Pop/Rock singers
★★★ And dozens more categories to come!

★ Go through the 8 levels of each category to unlock new images.
★ Unlock the achievements and collect the badges.
★ Win coins after every trivia quiz.

★ Connect with Facebook to play with your friends.
★ Challenge other players randomly.
★ New categories, improvements, regular updates. The game is also available for RETINA screens.

★★★ 150 coins if you Facebook connect
★★★ 50 coins for each playing friend you invite
★★★ 50 coins for tweeting your username

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