Hangman RSS (for the brave only ~ play with real-time news ;)

Hangman RSS (for the brave only ~ play with real-time news ;) is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Hangman RSS

People keep up on news in a variety of ways. Some get hooked on the 24-hour news channels and become junkies for Anderson Cooper’s charm. Others turn to parody news shows like the Daily Show or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. Hangman RSS gives you yet another way to keep up on news: guessing. Each round of the game is focused on one or two missing words in a headline that you must fill in.

Play the news as it breaks.

The guessing also happens to determine the fate of a poor stickman, who sadly materializes in the worst of all possible places. What’s worse, this macabre tradition is somehow part of our universal gaming past. The twist that Finger Arts puts on Hangman is definitely unique, to say the least. These same developers brought us Guess the News, and this game turns out to be much in the same vein, though a bit simpler.

Our only complaints were minor ones. The first is how strange it is to guess at unconnected words in the headline, like how the word “trying” threw us off when we were trying to guess someone’s name. But the second, more major complaint is the very nature of the news. One can only have so much fun guessing at the blank in a headline about murder or recession. But we can’t say we weren’t warned, because Finger Arts posted “for the brave only” in the app’s title. And after all, it is hangman.