HangBob Delux

$$Free full version for limited time only$$

★HangBob Delux is a great new twist on the beloved hangman game that will have you in stitches and on the edge of your seat★


– 4 Languages (English, Croatian, French and German)
– 5 new challenges (Frenzzi, Speed, Time, Combo and Classic)
– Local High Score
– Game Center with 5 leaderboards
– Two Players challenge mode
– Retina hand drawn graphics


FREZZI mode:

I hope your memory serves you well because in this mode the letters are slowly disappearing.

SPEED mode:

Speed mode is based on the classic word game of hangman, but with a twist. In addition to receiving a body part for missed guesses, you have 60 sec to guess it. The score for each correctly guessed word is calculated by multiplying remaining body parts and the time left in the game. So guess it quickly!

TIME mode:

In this mode you have 10 min to guess as many words as possible but be smart and take your time with each word, less wrong guesses more points.

COMBO mode:

Combo is Speed and Frenzzi combined together. Only for Pro players.


Old School way of playing, for players who want to take there time and enjoy a nice game of hangman.

✓HangBob is the most fun, addictive and enjoyable pass-time application out there.

✓Want to test your knowledge? Do you consider yourself smart? Are you bored and want to have some good time?

✓Try to reveal the unknown word by combining your intellect, knowledge and luck all together.

Old school, hand drawn graphics design for iPhone 4 Retina display with cool animations.

———-HangBob Delux————

HangBob is the same game you always played when you were bored in class. But instead of playing on paper, now you can do the same thing anywhere with you iPhone or iPod Touch.

The word you have to guess is represented by a row of dashes, which stand for the number of letters in the wanted word.
It includes 5 general word categories(Geography, Sports, Celebrities, Food,Films).
Try to guess the correct word before you Hang our dear Bob.

Have fun and expand your english vocabulary.

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