Hang Up! – elite quality hangman game for kids and children

Quality proven hangman game for young and not so young, that is a guaranteed challenge for all players. You’ll love it!

Colorful visuals, great music and addictive gameplay make it a must for everyone, whether you or your kids love word games, want a fun way to learn or simply enjoy spending quality time.

Forget multiplayer and all the other gadgets – you want your kids to concentrate on the challenge at hand, and this is brought to them in the best possible way.

-hand picked words for kids and juniors
-teaches many new words and broadens the horizon
-for all ages, as the difficulty level progresses during play
-huge selection of words and categories with more added regularly
-attractive and clear hand-drawn visuals
-QWERTY keyboard layout to feel right at home and introduce the young onces to the world of computers

And most of all, it is FUN! In fact parents are glued to it too!

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