Hand Stab


✩★✩Handstab is a game of memory and speed. The game starts with the knife stabbing in between each finger in a particular sequence.✩★✩

★★★Available in these countries:
UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, Tonga, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, ROI, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Libya, Sweden, Iraq, Canada, Hawaii, Russia, Turkmenistan, +more★★★

✩★✩Memorise the sequence and repeat in the same order trying to get quicker each time, you have three lives before you have to start again, lose a finger and you lose a life, keep your eyes and your hand wide open.✩★✩