HAMSTRONG is an explosive action-packed platform game where you play as a genetically modified Hamster in a high-tech animal testing laboratory called AST.
When he returned from a DJ gig at a dance party, Hamstrong was confused for a mouse and captured by an unscrupulous rodent catcher hired by The Lab. Poor him… but he really looked like a rat dressed like MJ!
Play with real gravity to feel the motion and lead Hamstrong through a mysterious laboratory where everything is possible.
Run, Roll, Jump and eat as many peanuts as possible and kick the insects out of the way. Well… they deserve it!
Now having super boogie powers, Hamstrong is ready to take his revenge on his captors!

-Easy and intuitive gameplay
-Ridiculously good-looking graphics
-Compare your score with your friends and try to finish each level as fast as possible
-Guide Hamstrong through 8 different adventures
-We will keep adding new content to HAMSTRONG, so stay tuned!

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