Hamster Hellstorm

Bust up gangs and clean up the streets as a hamster bounty hunter in this hard-hitting action game. He’s rough, he’s tough, and he’s packing heat. Blast your way through 60 different levels while doing battle with the Evil Hedgehog gang. You’ll have all the guns a hamster could need with nearly 30 different unlockable weapons. Do you have what it takes to hunt down the criminal masterminds of the Evil Hedgehog gang? This hamster game will knock your socks off. Gameplay consists of contra style platforming and shooting action.

Playable worlds include:
-Detroit: this is your hamster’s home town and the start of the adventure
-Texas: a gang of outlaws lives here that you’ll need to take down
-Phillipines: even more action as a sinister plot unfolds
-Tokyo: Fight the yakuza they’re part of the scheme too
-Russia: The battle will really heat up once you arrive in snowy Russia
-???: We’re not going to spoil it for you…

Sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and sub machine guns make up the four weapon types your hamster can use to his advantage when battling the gangs.

A bounty hunter can always use more tools. Equipment such as hand grenades and throwing knives can be unlocked to add to the fun.

First unlockable level now available.

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